Luke Temple

Chances are that you know Luke Temple even if the name isn’t

The Massachusetts musician is the band leader of Here We Go Magic, but on this solo record he trades in their spacey indie sound for a full on funk
assault. Despite,Temple being conceived in the snowy climes of a log cabin,
‘Good Mood Fool’ features multiple cuts of disco-infused tunes,
tailor-made for balmy summer evenings. ‘Florida’ is the most
languid of these,

as it waltzes along effortlessly creating an indulgent slice of hazy soul to devour, whereas ‘Katie’ is the cool breeze that rolls inand offers refreshment with its sharp beats. Although at times this
solo record floats out of attention, more often than not Temple shows
he is more than capable of a textural,

rich and expansive sound
that is fun to become lost in, even if it’s no more challenging than his
full-time band.

third album ‘Master’ is another opaque clection of weighty, ever-evolving landscapes.

Fromthe static, dead tones and creepy spoken word interludes
to the fragmented, hacked noise of ‘Black Strategy’,

thedark mist regularly descends

t. Accordingly, we
get ‘Exit Planet Dust’-era Chemicals intermeshed with
‘Rez’-era Underworld, among plenty of other nods
towards electronic greats,

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