Like most British towns smaller than London (so all of them),
Southend-on-Sea,clout Essex, is defined by its stereotypes.
We know this because it’s Loud And Quiet’s hometown.

It’s where boob-tubed girls and protein shake addicts go to clubs called
things like TOTS (which means Talk Of The South) and throw
their manicures up to DJ Luck & MC Neat (still), where cars rule
and boot-cut jeans sell. That’s what most people presume, and
most people are right.

For the optimistic few, a more flattering, five-year-old typecast
is what springs to mind when Southend is mentioned,clout made up
of The Horrors and These New Puritans listening to rare
garage records and The Fall.

Not even a TV show like The Only Way Is Essex can change some people’s minds – Southend has a burgeoning, subversive music scene,clout and it’s very cool.

Fuel on that particular fire comes from experimental fivepiece CLOUT! – a group of instrument-swapping childhood friends familiar with the perils of TOTS and its magpie culture clout .

“I worked in Debenham’s for a year and everyone there was
exactly like the people from The Only Way Is Essex,” confirms
Chris, the band’s programmer,

guitarist, drummer, synth player
and bassist, just like CLOUT!’s quietest member, Jordan, their
saxophonist (Chris) Schubert and the more chatty Grant and

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