Pit Party

Pit Party

Electronics are taking traditional table games to new heights—and creating a new game genre for North America

They call it “Synergy Table Games,” and it paints a picture of one of the hottest trends on today’s gaming floors.

Synergy is a unique attraction on the floor of Greektown Casino-Hotel in Detroit.

It is a customized version of Pulse Arena, a product developed by Slovenia-based Interblock Luxury.

Gaming Products—marketed by its U.S. subsidiary Interblock USA—that has all but redefined the potential of the electronic table game, or ETG.

First introduced at the 2015 Global Gaming Expo, the Pulse Arena takes the hybrid “dealer-assisted”

Game—a live dealer on a central table, with video of the game beamed to potentially.

hundreds of individual electronic player stations—and transforms it into a multimedia nightclub experience.

Live DJs, giant video displays and pulsing dace lighting surround both dealer-assisted and fully automated versions of several different table games.

The Pulse Arena has been drawing new players to the casino floor— many of the coveted millennial demographic,

Which generally prefers table games to slots and is drawn to the nightclub atmosphere.

However, the company reports that players of all ages are drawn to Pulse Arena, if only because of the unique presentation of time-tested games.

“For decades, operators and suppliers have been discussing what new killer applications will drive incremental growth to the casino floor,” says Interblock CEO John Connelly.

Pit Party “The Pulse Arena has demonstrated it is the perfect solution.

We’re finding that is it not only attracting new players, but it is pulling in existing players who are ready for an exciting new experience.”

Greektown owner JACK Entertainment was one of the operators on board early with.

The Pulse Arena, and enlisted Interblock to work on a version custom-made for its Greektown Casino-Hotel in Detroit.

Pit Party Greektown officials and Interblock developers worked on the project together, and on November 18, 2016,

Unveiled the Interblock-powered Synergy Table Games.

Located on the upper level of Greektown Casino, Synergy features automated,

Video and live-dealer generators for four different game options: blackjack, roulette, craps and baccarat.

It boasts 48 connected play stations with 27-inch video display screens and multi-game capability, all situated in a space reminiscent of a stadium.

A massive video wall displays each game’s progress and statistics.

Players have the option to play socially with friends while messaging one another from their electronic play stations, or they can enjoy a solo electronic table game experience.

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