Come on then, let’s get wacky.
MEN are a trio spearheaded by JD Samson of Le Tigre who play
vibrantly coloured electro pop whilst wearing boiler suits.

That is what ‘art/performance collectives’
do, and ‘Talk About Body’ is proof that MEN do it quite well. Things
start off with ‘Life’s Half Price’.MEN

An arty disco track, it comfortably defends MEN’s current live slots
supporting Peaches, especially once its cutesy bounce dips into a darker
rabbit hole where swearing is allowed.

At over five minutes long though, it does go on, seemingly forever, and we’ve still got eleven lengthy, chirpy (like, children’s
entertainer chirpy) numbers to get through.MEN

It doesn’t help that by track two (‘Off Our Backs’) it’s quite apparent that MEN sound a hell of a lot like New Young Pony Club.

Glimmers of LCD Soundsystem aside, MEN are fun enough… until they’re annoying.

But why did we bother slogging away at ‘The Fool’ and not others? What made us keep putting on an “okay” album? Well, we don’t know, but the answer must lie somewhere in the opening,

wholly sultry ‘Set Your Arms Down’ – a track that is as confidently patient as the whole of this record transpires to be,

gently lolloping on for three minutes before a final surge of arpeggios rise with building, understated drums.

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