Upon first listen, this – a joint effort between Welsh singersongwriter Euros Childs and 45- year-old Glaswegian guitarist Norman Blake – you’d be forgiven for dismissing ‘Jonny’ as another piece of dull indie pap.

But hold those judgmental horses, because further listening reveals it as a, perhaps not ‘out there’ effort, but a safe and tuneful piece of work.

The duo have taken a heavy dose of Beatles pop hooks and added a
dash of Dire Straits’ classic rock guitar,Jonny

with harmonies of The Shins.

Opener ‘Witch is Witch’ is a prime example of this, simple
lyrics and beats building a bopworthy entrance to the world of

It’s when we get down to ‘Cave Dance’ that we realise just how influenced by the Fab Four these two are, as they drag out funfair sounds for ten minutes.Jonny

It remains a worthy enough intro to music of the sixties.

or at least that’s certainly how the haters saw it who’d Jonny

spent 2009 moaning that Male Bonding liked Nirvana and pizza over Chas’n’Dave and whelks.

When ‘Nothing Hurts’ arrived though, any naysayer was swiftly silenced; not just by its shear exuberance but also by how English
it remained.

On tracks like ‘Weird Feelings’

and the more aggressive ‘Paradise Vendors’ early Nirvana references were still a plenty but a standout track like ‘T.U.F.F.’ – an ADHD punk track,

spat out almost out of character for the band – had more in common with Blur’s brilliantly messy ‘Popscene’ than anything on ‘Bleach’.

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