Peter Hook

Once you’ve been in one and a half legendary bands (and Monaco)
it must be hard to adapt to a ‘normal’ milk’n’bread-buying life.

Peter Hook, you must try harder! Sure, endlessly tell your friends and
family about the time you made ‘Unknown Pleasures’

with a genius called Ian, but DON’T keep on about it to the world.

And certainly think twice about touring postpunk’s definitive album on your
own – you were, after all, the band’s bassist. Let’s not have a
repeat of this embarrassing display again, Peter. Peter

Okay? Good.

it explodes through the speakers with intensity, before it’s seamlessly mixed into the pulsating and rousing bass lines of ‘Rebellion (Lies)’.

When you can predict the encore of a band, and in what order they are going to do them in,

it certainly suggests that there is now a fairly expectant template to their shows; Peter

fortunately Arcade Fire do it with such relentless energy, erupting intensity and immaculate delivery that it’s rarely anything other than utterly beguiling.

the shorn-haired, workman-like American trio roll out a set that is
simple in its core design and has very little added identifiable frills
that separate one song from another.

Primitive and unglamorous in its essence, the one hour set is a doom edged heavy riff-a-thon that smashes into the loud clattering made by a fiercely driven,

tightly played metal rhythm section and straight talking,

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