793 AD – Vikings raided the north-east coast of England and the coast of Northumbria, including a Lindisfarne monastery.

This attack on the monastery shocked the European religious world as the new invaders had no concept of Christianity or respect for its institutions which were often unguarded.

794 AD – The Vikings attacked two more monasteries in Scotland as well as one more off the northeastern coast of Ireland a year later,

which sparked more religious outrage towards the Vikings.

After this for several decades the Vikings continued to carry out hit and run raids against coastal targets in the British Isles.

840 AD – After the death of Louis the Pious (Emperor of modern-day France and Germany),

His son Lothar sought out the support of a Viking fleet in a power struggle with his brothers.

They also made the Vikings aware that they would pay to prevent further attacks on their subjects.

865 AD – The Viking armies of Denmark invaded.

England in long ships which allowed them to attack swiftly and leave before local armies could attack back.

866 AD – The Vikings captured York and renamed it Jorvik, which it was ruled by a Viking king.

874 AD – Iceland was settled by Norwegian lords and kings fleeing from.

Harald the Fairhaired who wanted to unify Norway under his control.

876 AD- Many Vikings from Denmark, Norway and Sweden had permanently settled in England and took land all over England to live,

Establishing mercantile cities and founding Ireland’s first trading towns such as Dublin and Wicklow.

886 AD – Alfred the Great defeated the Vikings but allowed them to settle in the East of England so that he could live in peace with them rather than face any more conflict.

911 AD – In the regions of France, a Viking chief was given land by treaty in exchange for him denying passage to other raiders.

This area is now Normandy.

954 AD – English armies led by descendants of Alfred of Wessex began reconquering.

Viking populated areas and eventually threw out Eric Bloodaxe, the last king of Jorvik (York).

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