So Pitted neo

Seattle trio So Pitted peddle a brand of bludgeoning hardcore noise that sounds like the product of digesting every chapter in Our Band Could Be Your Life, but stopping before Beat Happening.

That sounds pretty good, and ‘pretty good’ is about right where this record is concerned. Pitted

Named for a viral video in which a rad surfer dude spouts inane clichés, their debut album, Pitted

‘neo’, is the kind of album that could only come out on Sub Pop – eleven tracks of petulant, snarling grabyou-by-the-throat riffs and shredded vocal cords.

The likes of ‘No Nuke Country’ could be Parquet Courts, if their yen for Lou Reed was replaced by a deep immersion in the work of Einstürzende Neubauten,

and the title of the none-more-industrial ‘Woe’ speaks for itself. ‘Feed Me’,

meanwhile, sounds like Wire, if they’d traded art school for three
years of living under a bridge. Pitted

Like their long-ago labelmates Tad or current touring buddies No Age and Metz,

So Pitted’s is a barbed tarpit of sound which is tricky to like,

easy to get stuck in, and impossible to ignore.

With ‘Dry Food’ she just about pulls it off, having crafted a
beguiling pop record out of her own idiosyncrasies. Pitted

Based largely around her first big break-up – she was still only 21 at the time of recording – the album is a showcase for her consistently abstruse observational lyricism,

finding metaphor in clogged shower hair on ‘Dixie’ and musing on
her own lifestyle choices on ‘Healthier Folk’.

She wears her influences – Kim Deal, Elliott Smith, her old camp roommate Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz – pretty firmly on her sleeve,

but there’s room for experimentation,

too, the awkward guitar and scratchy reverb on the Mac DeMarco-esque title track being a case in point.

Like Waxahatchee, Palehound are here to authentically remind us all what it was like to be just out of our teens.

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