National Maritime Historical Society

National Maritime Historical Society

Washington DC Awards Dinner, 13 April 2011

National Maritime Historical Society Washington DC Awards Dinner,

13 April 2011 The National Maritime Historical Society is moving the location of our third Washington Awards Dinner to the Nati onal Press Club on Pennsylvania Avenue because we quickly outgrew the beautiful Army and Navy Club.

The National Press Club boasts magnificent views of rhe White H ouse and is itself an interesting and lovely serring for our gala evening.

Dinner co-chairs Irmy and Philip Webster are honored to invite you to join us Wed nesday, 13 April 2011 , at 6rM to honor Admiral John C.

Harvey Jr., USN, Commander, US Fleer Forces Command; CDR Everett Alvarez Jr., USN (Ret.); and former Congresswoman Helen Delich Bentley.

Gary Jobson, distinguished yachtsman, author and commenrator, and presidenr of US Sailing, will be our master of ceremonies and will delight our guests with commentary on rhe upcoming campaign to retain rhe America’s Cup.

Admiral John C. Harvey Jr., USN, an officer who relishes naval history, is being honored fo r prompting the US Navy to establish.

the Commemorations Office as part of the Naval H istory and H eritage Command to commemorate the upcoming bicentennial of the War of 1812.

The Commemorations Office is pl anning a wide range of activities,

including an OpSail parade of rail ships up the East Coast in summer 201 2 that will coincide with a significant educati onal program.

Admiral Harvey has served at sea aboard USS Enterprise, USS Bainbridge, and USS Mcinerney, as reactor offi cer aboard USS Nimitz,

and as executive officer on USS Long Beach. He commanded USS David R.

Ray, USS Cape St. George, and Cruiser-Destroyer Group Eight/Theodore Roosevelt Stri ke Group.

Admiral H arvey has deployed ro the North and South Atl antic, the Mediterranean,

Baltic and Red Seas, rhe Western Pacific, the Indian O cean, and the Persian Gulf. Ashore, he served three tours at rhe Bureau of Naval Personnel in a variety of billets.

Admiral H arvey assumed command of US Fleet Forces Command in July 2009.

The award will be presented by Admiral Bruce DeMars, USN (Ret.), chairman of the Naval Historical Foundation.

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