If you’ve frequented any halfdecent electro night over the last
few years, odds are SebastiAn would have been played out to an
already rabid,

day-glowing dancefloor with the sole intent of catapulting it into a heaving, mangled mass.

One part of the Ed Banger wrecking ball, his trademark gear-grinding, abrasive metal-on-metal sound SebastiAn

tows the line between an industrial cut and thrust, and abstract flashes of classic French electro.SebastiAn

Alongside his Galliccontemporaries, he’s been a staple of the electro resurgence and ‘Total’, as a debut album,

serves as both a reflection and progression of his work to date.

Cherry picking tracks from a raft of his earlier EPs, the mad science of
‘Ross Ross Ross’ is nervous and volcanic, SebastiAn

‘Embody’ is a guilty, unashamedly funky pleasure and the chainsaw aggression of ‘Motor’ is the touchpaper for any set.SebastiAn

Someone else Samuel has spent a lot of time around is Jay Electronica (he’s also producing the rapper’s forthcoming debut album ‘Act Two: Patients Of Nobility’ due out on Jay-Z’s label later this year).SebastiAn

“Jay Electronica and The Bullitts is like Scorsese and De Niro,” he says snapping a carrot between his teeth.SebastiAn

“I don’t know who is who – me and Jay always argue.

I’d rather be De Niro than Scorsese. Scorsese has made some classics, but every one of his classics has DeNiro in.

Not everyone of De Niro’s have Scorsese

So, let us explain. The Bullitts are not a band. The journey of Amelia Sparks is the story they tell.

They’re more than one artist but all conducted by one man: Londoner, Jeymes Samuel. There’s a lot to take in, and in his own words: “The Bullitts are a 5D movie.”

“Amelia Sparks is the story of a woman who felt like she was in chains and she wanted to be free of the constraints of your mundane, everyday adult experience,” says Samuel.

“The older we get, the more boring and less daring we get. Amelia Sparks was a person who was in search of adventure. She’s searching for something else.

She’s trying to find the reason for her existence.

She falls deeper and deeper into this underworld of murder, terror and mayhem as she uncovers this conspiracy.”

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