Aroen scatts

Aroen scatts

From hedefining years growing up n Port Chester, New York,

at the mouth of the Byram River on Long Island Sound, to her more recent years living in Greenport,

New York, Arden Scott has always had a deep connection to water and the sea.

As a child, she spent much of her time in or around water and daydreamed about what it might be like to take a raft down the Mississippi. Scott’s love of boats is discernable in almost every aspect of her life,

Aroen scatts and her accomplishments are many-including several professorships, artist grants, gallery and museum exhibitions,

and the construction and launch of her two-masted 28-foot Murray Petersondesign schooner, Annie.

Arden Scott’s passion for her art and sailing radiates from her presence, and her personality is equally affected by said passion.

She has a vivacious and tenacious spirit that is reflected in her daily life and in her work.

Scott began her journey as a sculptor in the 1960s and fully embodied her fascination fo r the water into her artwork by utilizing abstract fo rms and silhouettes of boats.

Scott works with a variety of materials-cotton, wood, resin,

steel, lead, and bronze-to create her sculptures.

Although her early works fo llowed the abstract anistic movement, quite popular among artists in the 1960s and 70s,

Scott’s artwork eventually took a turn towards more realistic vessels as she began to learn more about the actual construction and history of boats.

Examining her recent works, it is clear she has a solid understanding of shipand boatbuilding principles and materials.

Aroen scatts Growing out of a lifetime of sailing and experimenting with watercraft of all kinds,

her art also reflects her thorough understanding of how a boat moves through the water and responds to stresses of wind and sea state.

After raising four children in New York City,

where she made art in between voyages on the water and the mundane tasks of earning a living

(SoHo artists revered her as much for her plumbing skills as for her art),

Scott moved to Greenport, a seaport village on Lo ng Island’s North Fork in the 1980s.

There, she and her husband Keith McCamy could live close to the water and be able to maintain a larger studio space  than her Manhattan apartment could afford her.

In Greenport, Scott developed her sense of boat construction as she embarked on repairing and working on small discarded fishing boats along the docks.

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