Tonight was to be the first full live show in the UK from the rapper/
yoga teacher that is Gonjasufi, here alongside

The Gaslamp Killer, predominant producer of the debut album ‘A Sufi and a Killer’.Gonjasufi

First up though is DJ Kutmah, recently and notoriously deported from the US, blending Goodie Mob a cappellas with sampled drums and all sorts in between.

Firmly ensconced in the list of DJs who know and perform every lyric, solo and drum roll in each and all of their records,

the selfstyled Muthafuckin Gaslamp Killlllller tears through his time,
putting in enough Gonjasufi

energy for a whole band and all the while stepping from behind the decks to blast away on his ipad drum machine.

And so Gonjasufi steps on stage to join him as the hyped crowd chant back as he sings his off-key songs in his off-kilter voice.Gonjasufi

Interspersing new material with album tracks such as ‘KowboyzandIndians’, Gonjasufi

‘Sheep’ and the almighty ‘Ancestors’, the duo deliver a suitably rough and ready set to echo their crunchy, Gonjasufi

gnarled and frankly shamanic sound. Gonjasufi

Judging by the queue of punters waiting after the show to buy/get their CD’s signed, it won’t be long before we see Gonjasufi back on these shores.

Three wholesome, fair-haired maidens, Mountain Man couldn’t be less butch than their name suggests. Gonjasufi

Building luscious harmonies almost entirely unaccompanied (making Laura
Marling appear as full-sounded as Muse), songs like ‘Animal Tracks’Gonjasufi

echo with the warmth of the distant past, while their cover of Mills Brothers’ ‘How’m I Doin’ is dragged straight up from the great
railroads. Gonjasufi

As they pause the crowd let out an audible sigh – this is
music in its purest, rawest form.

Lingering over every breath, ‘Mouthwings’ holds us captive in its choral folds,

while ‘Rivers’’s panicked breathlessness adds an uneasy tension.

Centred around Molly Erin Sarle’s ragged gasps as Alex Sauser-Monnig and Amelia Randall

Meath drive her on with sharp bird-like coos, it darts to a heady climax.

Their gentle lullabies have had them likened to a female Fleet Foxes, but they are far more unique than that suggests,

relying solely on the twists and turns of their three voices to draw in the crowd.

Evoking the red pine forests where they were born, ‘DogSong’ carries all the passion and longing of a grizzled old

songsmith as gently plucked guitars waver through the air,

permeating its warm glow to make Mountain Man seem right at home.

Swapping stories with the crowd and bashfully missing the odd note,
their music is beautifully simple and simply beautiful.

For more information: หวยลาวสตาร์

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