A Place To Bury Strangers

While it would be churlish not to welcome a glut of bands that wear
their love of Mary Chain,

Joy Division, Kevin Shields et al on their sleeves, music in 2009 can
sometimes feel like suckling on a reassuring sonic nipple and it can
be easy to ignore the substance (or lack thereof) beneath those
swampy feedback avalanches.

First time round, APTBS, with a heavy dose of noise, lights and smoke at
their lightshows, and an album that relied a little too much on compressed-the-fuck-out-of fuzz and Slowdive-esque Strangers

‘Fall down/ around’ ‘your eyes/so high’ type wordage, certainly aroused
suspicions. While the acid shoegazers again seem to know what they’re doing a little too well,Strangers

there’s more variety of texture to contend with and, just like last
time, some great songs. Of Note: ‘In Your Heart’, ‘Smile When You
Smile’ and ‘Keep Slipping Away’.Strangers

After extolling the virtues of Mount Eeerie, Sir Yes Sir, Iranian Pop and Russian Church Rock, while Hewett sits readjusting his mountainous
indie mop, Louis adds, Strangers

“Dutch Uncles are going to do a second album, probably a lot better
than their first. They’re pretty underrated.”Strangers

“The Mandigans, they’re pretty sick,” says Nick of bands Egyptian Hip Hop are currently excited about.Strangers

“The Harks,” offers a sarcastic Hewett “or what about The Harringtons, and that fucking lame ass indie?” “Is every interview you do going to be about

The Harringtons and how shit they are?” says Louis, turning to the bassist.

But as Egyptian Hip Hop seemingly tend to do, the conversation has already moved on without the need of answers being given to trivial questions
or thoughts.

Melodic grunge, doss wave or pyramid pop, who cares? Egyptian Hip Hop make dreamy slices of electro induced grooves that traverse boundaries and defy labels.

That’s well worth crossing the Nile for, with or without the promise of Hippos.

For more information: หวยฮานอยพิเศษ

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