Who You Are and How You See Our Mission

The response to our members survey, sent out in April, was an encouraging 10.6%.

It was by intention almost a duplicate of our survey of 1997, so that we could measure changes in interest or views on the National Maritime Historical Society’s mission.

The first of the four sections asked how often members read the regular features in Sea History.

Five years ago Deck Log (64%), Ship Notes (61 %) and NMHS News (60%) were the most highly read items.

This year the three leaders were Ship Notes (61 %), Marine Art (57%) and Deck Log (55%).

The second section, intended to draw out members’ areas of interest, asked what kind of articles you most enjoyed.

Five years ago the three leading categories were adventures at sea ( 68%), closely followed by general maritime history (67%) with World War II in third place (64%) in the “always read” rating.

This year the three leaders were World War II (67%), with great sea battles and adventures at sea tied for second place (64%), and general maritime history following closely (63%).

While comments on Sea History were overwhelmingly complimentary, concerns about our mission were often cautionary, with comments such as:

“Ambitious missions, but financial considerations must be heeded”; “This is a full load of projects- trust you won’t be spread too thinly”;

“Membership is the key to any organization-how do we interest people with no sea experience?”; “Quality is important whatever you do.

Don’t overextend-one ratline at a time and hold fast”; “Ship saving should be done locally.

Don’t get into ship restoration other than carry news about it!”; and “Help others save ships. The Society should not own one.”

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