The Old Romantic Killer Band

Simultaneously influenced by American delta blues and grinding metal, The Old Romantic Killer Band

aside from having a ridiculous name – do a passable job of pretending to be a thoughtful acoustic outfit that also rock out.

With chameleon vocals, the band churn out what appear to be BSides from both Led Zep and a Ryan Adams impersonator, but also, bizarrely, on ‘Pigs’, Death Cab

for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard. But many of the songs are so full of unintentional comedy rock posturing that the ‘Romantics resign themselves to sounding
more like

a duo of two angry tryhards parked in the middle of a duel carriageway with signposts marked ‘Blues’ and ‘Metal’ pointing in opposite directions. Style, but no substance.

Liquid Liquid’s sprawling influences stretch from LCD Soundsystem to Bloc Party and back across the Atlantic to modern New York hip hop,

meaning that although most of the songs performed tonight are largely
unknown and over 25 years old, there’s a queasy familiarity to the
sound. Old

The result is that watching these sharp-suited 50-somethings play lick after lick of tight, Old

punky house music and dub feels a bit like witnessing an old magician from yesteryear come out of retirement to debunk all his progeny’s tricks.Old

But aside from the history lesson, what is so refreshing here is to see
relentless, aggressive and futuristicsounding dance music played
entirely organically, without an electronic instrument in sight.

Nothing here is programmed. Old

The drummer is not wearing headphones. Old

He is not playing to a pre-ordained click. With these old hands, what you see is what you get – a single, four-headed organism, thumping drums, marimbas,

bass guitars and all manner of percussion to create the most natural dance music you’ll ever come across.

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