Local Natives

LA’s Local Natives entreat you to fall in love with them before a
single harmony-laden note has been strummed.

With self-penned show posters and album artwork, and a self-funded, co-produced LP, the band’s commitment lies in their pensive craft.

An album awash with towering melodies and a whole lotta affection, from the tumbling guitar outset of opener

‘Wide Eyes’, it’s quickly apparent Local Natives aren’t about to go as feral as the name suggests. Natives

Easing together the orchestral pomp of ‘Who Knows, Who Cares’, and the
galloping, Modest Mouse style breakdowns of ‘Sun Hands’ and ‘Warning Signs’, Natives

it’s an album capable of unexpectedly changing pace at any given moment. And with tracks as gloriously uplifting as ‘Shape Shifter’, don’t be too
surprised if ‘Gorilla Manor’Natives

manages to sneak onto a few end of year lists.

Along with ‘Daniel’, the rest of ‘Two Suns’ plays like a personal diary, set to often beautiful and poignant music, because that’s exactly what it
is. Natives

With the exception of ‘Pearl’s Dream’ (which scans opposing landscapes to rising, semi-euphoric synthesisers), nothing quite touches the driving pop sensibilities of

‘Daniel’ but no track feels less autobiographical or ‘lived in’ than the next. Perhaps that’s why Natasha Khan has no problem discussing all things ‘Two Suns’

as openly and passionately as she does, holding your gaze with
her big brown eyes.

As Bat For Lashes, she’s played over 200 shows this year, to audiences in
their thousands around the world

“I was a little bit concerned that people might think I’d sold out,” remembers Natasha now “but in the context of the album I
felt like that song really had Natives

its place, and it’s really special to me. Even though a lot of the artists that I like are quite underground, I have a song-writing sensibility – I like to write a good chorus. Natives

And I didn’t want to shy away from that just to be cool on purpose. I thought, well, if I’m going to write a pop song, put a beat on
it and make it lush.

I could have dumbed it down and done it on a one string violin, or
something, but it would have been wasted, and to be totally honest the record company did

‘Natasha, we need to use this single to hopefully get you on the radio, because otherwise this campaign could fall flat on its face and you’ve done all

that hard work’. And it’s by no means a cheesy pop song – it’s quite dark. I’m glad. I tried to write a song that teenage girls could sing into their hair
brushes, and I did that.”

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