computer love … or hate?

immy Carr turned up. I was expecting the fuzzes and scratches of ‘Disorder’, as neatly displayed on my Spotify playlist, and I got Jimmy Carr
promoting My hard work had been dashed.

I was no longer in that poignant place that Ian Curtis’ voice is capable of taking you to, I was in an annoying office again. computer

But what did I expect? There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and
Spotify is no exception.

A streaming site that has seemingly penned deals with every major label on the planet, the agreement is that music fans can listen to whole albums as
much as they like, for free,

providing they are willing to put up with the occasional radio ad. If they’re not, the chore can be avoided for modest fee of 99p per day,

or £9.99 per month for a ‘premium’ all-you-can-eatstyle pass. And suddenly Jimmy’s wide face blabbing on doesn’t seem too bad at all,

because suddenly being able to listen to thousands of albums for the same price as just one hard pressing seems like extortion.

So we can only imagine how the listening public are soon to feel about buying physical releases – and even MP3s

in the coming months and years to

For iTunes, the hunter is imminently to become the hunted; the rate at which download purchases are due to drop surely being far higher than the fall in numbers between CDs sales and digital music files. computer

After all, we’re now used to listening to great (and less great) works over the top of humming base units and glowing screens,

be it during our working days or having returned once more to the comfort of our identical home computers. We’ve become familiar computer

with not having sleeve notes to thumb through whilst listening to our latest buys, and soon, even if Spotify does remain solely a streaming site computer

(on record, the creators have not ruled out making downloads possible in the future) we’ll no doubt do away with our iPod

Mine’s beginning to piss me off anyway, if I’m honest. Of course, this impressive piece of web kit is not all bad,computer

not even for a technophobe like me, who thought that downloads would be seen through as soon as they came about.

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