Sailors For Favours

On first listen, the sunny, upbeat sounds of Favours for Sailors makes
you instantly look forward to the coming spring months with
promises of summers spent chasing

friends around parks with water pistols in slow motion. But one
look out the window shows that we are still in the depths of this
seemingly never ending winter of discontent and the cheeky

optimism of this quartet can become slightly grating. Perhaps this mini album is one to be saved for later then, because sounding like The Shins during their Favours

‘Chutes Too Narrow’ stage, particularly true of ‘No Room At The Buffet’,
‘Furious Sons’ will no doubt be a hit for young kids waving goodbye
to exams and school come June.Favours

Whether Favours For Sailors will last longer than an exotic fruit
Solero is uncertain.

“I think with English bands the audience are more inclined to look at what’s going on in major music magazines rather than looking on the internet,”
adds Conan. Favours

“Underground music seems harder to find here.” When it comes to the World Wide Web, the threesome seem well within their comfort zone.Favours

Keeping in theme with the exotic band name, Pete used to write a blog entitled ‘Voodoo Village’; a sideways look at outsider art and freaks of nature.

Conan’s love for the arcane now thrives on the web too – “I think blogs are awesome, they are like fanzines used to be.

The next generation has seized it now and it’s become socially acceptable.” And it’s here where the band’s love of imagery has a chance to flourish.

A glance at Myspace or the Voodoo Village will leave you bewildered, whether it’s a one armed baby Nazi or a 90-year old wrestler from Russia, the pictures are powerful.

OK, so I made these up but the unfathomable nature of this imagery has a mood all to itself.

This esoteric attitude is not without good humour and much of it finds its way into the music.

“When I write my lyrics I am always thinking about imagery,” says Pete. “I have an idea in my head about what I am seeing; it’s like a certain taste.”

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