NZCA /Lines

Seduced by psychology, spirituality, science fiction, Peruvian geoglyphs and forward-thinking RnB production, NZCA/Lines’ arrival at gossamer,

synthladen electro pop came as a welcome surprise when his debut dropped earlier this year.

Born from a desire to take control of his own project, and time spent indulging in classic Lines pop and Dr.

Dre, Michael Lovett’s glistening pop take on honeyed bump and grind made his self-titled ‘NZCA/Lines’ Lines album atriumph of craft and form – a dedication to high-quality,

often complex production that is a measured mix of sexless vocal robotics, cut-crystal falsettos and breathless mourning glided between the concertedly cold and a simplistic joy of pop harmonies.

Despite a relatively small advertising push around the album’s release in February, the buzz of press anticipation

made the record an early stand out,Lines even if that favourable reaction hasn’t transformed Michael’s life just yet.

“I’m sitting on a bench in Peckham Rye and not currently sipping Cristal in LA right now. Hopefully that paints a picture for you,” he laughs.

Michael is currently a student juggling a growing academic workload with an equally burgeoning music one, and the build

up to his debut album marked an early turning point for a young man previously a member of the polar opposite indie twee band Your Twenties.

At the stage of starting his electronic alter-ego, balancing his university outlook with his music wasn’ttoo much of a consideration, but after the release of debut single

‘Compass Points’ late last year, he quickly realised the two elements would have to co-exist.

“Last October, we were putting out ‘Compass Points’ and I was toying with the idea of going on an exchange,”

Michael remembers, “and I just thought we’d put the record out and it wouldn’t really matter.

I wasn’t expecting anything to happen then at all, never mind radio play, so it was a nice surprise. It’s now raised my expectations to the point I’m disappointed, constantly,” he laughs.

It’s marked an evolving journey of exploration for Michael ever since. After playing in bands previously, NZCA/Lines

was the concerted attempt to take control of his own project, and the opportunity to move away from the band dynamics that he felt compromised what he wanted to do.

“I’d kind of always done my own stuff but I’d also been second fiddle in other bands,” he admits. “It’s great because everyone’s writing but there’s always that clinical thing of wanting to write your songs and have your project.

I wanted to approach music not in the band way of four boys, four guitars, but in a more conceptually driven, planned out way. I wanted to make a focused record that progressed the narrative

stuff I was doing and I had these demos that I started working on with Charlie [Alex March] and that helped bring out the soundscapes I’ve got now.”

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