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Chuck Inglish Convertables

Back in the heady days of MySpace, Chuck Inglish climbed to prominence
as one half of old-skool, 808-thudding, hip-hop formation The Cool Kids.

The Chicago/Detroit-based duo released their retro-rap mp3s on the social network whenever they felt like it, and quickly built a platoon of fans as a result.

Nearly a decade (feel old?), two albums and a bucketful of mix-tapes later and Chuck Inglish is releasing his first album as a solo artist.

The energy that has gone into Inglish’s debut is boldly patent. It’s skilfully produced, lyrically on-the-mark and is full to the brim with names

(Chance the Rapper, Mac Miller, Chromeo).

Is it a huge departure from previous projects? Not exactly.

The album still bleeds mid-1980s rap and funk, the lyrics still wry and effortless

(“But this ain’t no ball game/and I ain’t got no bat”).

But it’s brighter and sunnier, (possibly a result of Inglish spending so much time in Los Angeles) Chuck Inglish and it occasionally dips into more poppy territory.

Whilst ‘Convertibles’ might not be groundbreaking, it’s typically stylish and confirms that Inglish will always be a cool kid.

“It’s definitely changed my perception of ‘Spiderland’. Pretty much throughout all of the ‘90s I could barely even listen to the record, not that I hated it so much,

it’s just all I ever heard were mistakes and things I wanted to change and how I wish we had more time in the studio and a better budget to make the album.

Now I can appreciate it for what it is and look back in hindsight and think for a group of young kids from out in the Chuck Inglish middle of nowhere,

we didn’t do too bad of a job.

I can appreciate it now.” One question this boxset does raise,

along with the near decade-long reformed status of Slint, is that perhaps

‘Spiderland’ is now ready to be put to bed and left to rest.

“I have a feeling that by the end of this year we will have closed that chapter, which I’m happy to do.

I have felt that musically I’ve lived in the shadow of Slint, and that’s not a bad place to be, but I would like to move on Chuck Inglish from the songs on

‘Spiderland’.” says Pajo ahead of the group’s 2014 dates, including Primavera Sound.

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