US Coast Guard Bark & gle

US Coast Guard Bark & gle

Eagle was the second of three almost identical German Navy training ships built by Blohm and Voss of Hamburg between 1933

US Coast Guard Bark & gle and 1938-the first of the three being Tovaristsch ( ex-Gorch Fock I) , and the third being Sagres II (ex-Gunabara, ex-Albert Leo Schlageter).

Eagle was completed in 1936 and launched as the Horst ~ssel. She had a hull length of 265.75 feet, 21,530 square feet of sail, and more than 20 miles of rigging.

After these three German ships, the same yard built Mircea for the Romanian Navy.

In 1958, they built and launched Gorch Fock II to the same plans.

Although all five ships are considered by authorities to be “sisters,” Gorch Fock I and Mircea were slightly shorter (hull length 241.75 feet, as against 265.75).

Alben Leo Schlageter, Horst ~ssel, and Gorch Fock II were lengthened by adding extra frames amidships.

The three original ships were built to Lloyd’s highest classification for steel craft; all decks, including the quarterdeck and forecastle,

are steel plated throughout, with the weather (exposed) decks covered with three-inch teak planking, and all internal decks sheathed in Oregon pine of the same thickness.

For auxiliary power Eagle has a 16-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine rated at 1,000 horsepower; electrical power is supplied by two 225-kilowatt generators.

The general accommodation layout has officers and instructors occupying the after end of the ship, two large cadet bunk areas in the midship section, and quarters for petty officers and crew forward of this.

 The internal furnishings were all of the highest quality, the captain’s quarters being lined with hardwood paneling and wainscoting,

US Coast Guard Bark & gle while the other officers’ quarters and mess rooms were finished in bright colors.

Furniture throughout the officers’ quarters was in polished mahogany, while that in the petty officers’ area was ash.

All three vessels were rigged as barks, with spike bowsprits, double topsails, single topgallants, and royals.

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