Remembering "Rup"

Remembering “Rup”

The passing of my dear friend and colleague, All en S. Rupley,

was an occasion marked by deep sadness and lonelinessnot only for myse lf,

who had benefitted from his wisdom and guidance for 47 years, but also for the many people whose li ves he touched.

Those of you who knew of his love fo r ships can apprec iate the loss of this great human being.

His dedication to them extended beyond W. R. Grace & Co.’s involvement with shipping, trad ing and the Grace Line,

which were so much a part of his life during the first halfof his sixty-five year career with the company. Up until the very end ,

Remembering “Rup” he was wo rki ng on the restoration of the historic squarerigger Wavertree, to help preserve our heritage.

To each of us he has left a rich and meaningful legacy.

When I first struck up an acquaintance with “Rup,” as we affectionately called him, he had already been working fo r Grace fo r nineteen years.

 It was 1936 and he was an assistant secretary in the Treasurer’s Office.

The company was very much a shipping and trading firm then.

I was getting my feet wet, learning the ” family” business with a job in the Mail Room, and I hadn’t yet decided what I wanted to do with my life-carrying bags of mail around was not that stimulating.

Rup usually stayed late, so I took that opportunity, after regular or irregular working hours (he was always the last one to leave), to talk to him about my career.

Since he was 12 years my senior, I guess I looked up to him. Of course, he was a great influence in my deciding to stay with the company.

From then on this loving, loyal worker was my mentor and guiding light through all the turbulences of change and growth that our company passed through in the last three decades.

Remembering “Rup” I never had a better friend, or one to whom I was more devoted.

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