Stealing Sheep

Stealing Sheep

The overjoyed rush to praise Steeling Sheep’s unique sound can be so utterly overwhelming we must tread carefully and maintain a sense of perspective.

‘Into the Diamond Sun’ takes a very standard sounding set of pop music tools and fashions them into something unique.

You’ll hear folk, electronica, indie-pop and post-rock with traces of bands as varied as Stereolab and Wild Beasts.

However, to pigeonhole Stealing Sheep as any of the above would be selling it so far short as to mislead you.

This is a complete record with no duds and no failed experiments, but – and there’s always a ‘but’ – with the exception of album standout ‘Shut Eye’,

‘Into The Diamond Sun’ features very few take-home moments.

Still, while their song writing is a work in progress, creatively Stealing Sheep are so far ahead of the game that the follow-up record is already
one of the most eagerly awaited in memory.

They’re easily one of the best new bands out there, as their second album will prove, if this one doesn’t.

Getting people to come to their gigs nowadays is not a problem.

Part of a vibrant Leeds scene currently home to bands as diverse as Theme Park, Pulled Apart By Horses and Ellen and The Escapades, Blacklisters’ fullthrottle experimental metal continues to set them apart.

But what is it about Leeds that’s inspiring people to make music right now?
Looking animated all of a sudden, Billy leans forward.

“Bands who were playing on the Leeds music scene when we were starting out, like That Fucking Tank, Chickenhawk,

(now Hawk Eyes), and Whore Whores Whores, for me, they were a pivotal moment in Leeds music.

When I saw them I think all music changed for me.”

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