How? Here's How!

How? Here’s How!

What a thrill to steam under the Golden Gate Bridge as our great Eppleton Hall rides the swells;·

runs the opening of the latest newsletter of the Friends . .. She really struts! .. Beyond the strutting, as the newsletter points out.

lies .. gut-breaking·’ effort. It is no easy task to keep up a museum tug in steaming condition~and to steam her! Scott Nicoll ,

who bade farewell to being 70 some years ago, engineer of the transatlantic voyage that brought the Hall to San Francisco, gets into the engines with folk younger in years,

but not in spirit, to keep the complicated machinery functioning, and functioning better, he reports, than it did in her famous voyage.

The Eppleton Hall has had several outings this year.

The press delights in reporting them. “Hell’s fires flickered up from the saltwater boilers· furnaces below,

How? Here’s How! and hot dogs sizzled on the deck hibachi above, ” notes a recent report.

“It was the regular monthly outing day for the Friends of the Eppleton Hall Society, one of the newest,

oddest and cheapest of the distinguished social clubs afloat in the bay. “

Through the voyagi ng, membership in the Friends has increased from 90 at year end in 1976 to over 200 today.

Every member becomes a member of the parent body, the San Francisco Maritime Museum,

How? Here’s How! goes in for hard labor at obdurate machinery, and contributes to all costs of voyaging. And all that works very well.

It was a great act to bring in the ship ; some of the grandeurs and miseries of the long, difficult voyage are apparent in Scott Newhatrs account, in this issue of SEA HISTORY.

But to steam on from that! To keep the ship alive ! Those are the goals of the Friends of the Eppleton Hall.

Their most ambitious undertaking, a week’s cruise in the Delta, across the Jeannie Kortum’s bumper-sticker is emblem of the “how-to” tug friends.

Bay from San Francisco, takes place this July.

That effort, reaching through the complicated waterways that nourished the growth of California, should enroll many new members in the work of the Friends,

and the basic work of the San Francisco Maritime Museum, whose vision, labors, and ach ievements have meant much to San Francisco and the nation.

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