Generally speaking, the best time for a collection of miscellaneous tracks is after an intriguing debut, and Baths just released an intriguing debut.

‘Pop Music / False B-Sides’ is, as advertised, a self-described ‘umbrella’ of songs from a post-‘Cerulean’, pre-actual sophomore record,

sold during project-mastermind Will Wiesenfeld’s 2011 tour. As such we’ve got a collection of sticky beats with little group cohesion;

like the Baths concept stretched out in a broad sample of potential winners. ‘Overseas’ is a delicate, piano-led car-commercial, Baths while Flux’s static

charged breaks behind the most direct lyrics Wiesenfeld has ever penned Baths (about coming out of course).

Then there’s stuff like ‘Damnation’ and ‘Pop Song’ Baths where Baths just makes great euphoria-laced dance anthems no gimmicks,

no punches pulled, and kinda impossible to criticise.

“That was brought in from Nation of Ulysses, then I started looking into horn players who didn’t play in a traditional jazz or soul way,

like Ornette Coleman or even James Chance, but especially Ian Svenonius in Nation of Ulysses.”

Kev was specifically interested in loud, sporadic bursts of brass, not tuneful, but as if the trumpet were speaking in frantic, noodling blasts.

“From the start, when you’re being influenced by music that has horns in it, it easily progresses to listening to soul, and that’s a progression

from playing just punk garage to something more influenced by black music rather than surf bands and sixties bands,” he says,

noting that while ‘Nuggets’ is still on Chapter Sweetheart’s stereo they feel that playing that kind of music alone would get boring for their audience.

As for the lyrics, “they go with the music.”

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