The Dodos

The Dodos

San Francisco duo The Dodos are now onto their third album and have clearly found where they belong on the musical map.

New long player ‘Time To Die’ features indie wizard Phil Ek at the controls, a man who’s recent track record boasts Fleet Foxes,

Shins, Built to Spill and the sadly departed Pretty Girls Make Graves.

And, in a not so bizarre twist, The Dodos have helmed a sound that shows of all those acts.

So ‘Time To Die’ is worthy of your time, right? Well, yes, for a time. Cuts like ‘Longform’ and ‘The Strums’

combine a bombastic drum sound with lilting pseudo Americana.

But while being pleasant enough, as is the rest of the record – catchy in places, charming in others – in all honesty,

The Dodo’s third record is a little too harmless to be considered memorable

“I’m a huge feminist,” says Annie. The Dodos “I even majored in women’s studies but we’re not doing this for the girl power side of things.

I feel like, at this stage, by walking rather than talking,

being a role model in that way, you’re doing more for women and for the music scene in general.

I would kinda like to be included in the cannon of female musicians in history but that’s maybe a little ambitious.”

“Delia Derbyshire is one of my heroes,” says Heather “as are The Roches,

The Dodos and I think if it weren’t for the Liz Fairs and PJ Harveys of the world and Bjork,

if we didn’t have the women that came before us I think it would be really difficult to do what we’re doing now.

We might be forgotten but it would be pretty nice if when we’re all dead someone said ‘Oh there was a little band, Au Revoir Simone

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