My Literary Agent Journey

My Literary Agent Journey

The Authors Care Services Ltd was founded in 2013, based on biblical principles.

As a Christian, it is important that I keep God at the centre of any business venture I am pursuing.

My clients include: Rita King Washington, daughter of blues legend BB King; bestselling author and founder of PJC Media Network,

Parker J Cole; radio presenter Deborah Lassiter;

My Literary Agent Journey public speaker and teacher, Anna M Aquino; fantasy writer Lynnette Roman, and the famous London 5 Studios.

These clients were definitely divine connections, and I love working with them.

This journey of being a literary agent hasn’t been an easy one.

Here, in the UK, there aren’t many agents of colour, and Christian-based – not that I want to cause division with this article, but it is the truth.

I had to really push and promote just to be taken seriously. Today, I still get asked what my job role is, and have comments like:

“I’ve never met anyone like you before.”.

It doesn’t offend me at all; in fact, I like to educate people – and the publishing industry.

In case you’re wondering what a literary agent does, I like to call this role ‘the author’s silent business partner’.

We are the gateway between the author and the publisher. We sell and review their manuscripts, and help build their career.

Just like actors have agents, authors have agents, too.

Having this career wasn’t always my first choice; My Literary Agent Journey

I wanted to become a journalist.

I graduated with a degree in journalism but, after my degree, I went down the route of public relations.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but I believe this was all training for my God-given destiny.

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