Our Badge

Our Badge

Alpha Chi Omega, it seems, has always taken the matter of creation of our badge quite seriously.

According to the 1911 Heraeum, at that time there were three authorized jewelers: J. F. Newman of New York City, R. J. Roehm & Co. of Detroit and Wright, Kay & Co. of Detroit.

Alumnae were asked to support these firms, as they placed advertising in The Lyre and “extend many courtesies to the Fraternity, therefore our support is due them.”

In 1915, the Fraternity proudly announced the appointment of J. F. Newman as sole official jeweler for the Fraternity, “thus assuring the fraternity of a uniform and standard badge and greater economy in its manufacture and hence in its purchase price.

Other jewelers would then be allowed to create “novelties.”

According to minutes from the 1915 Convention: Announcement was made that chapters and girls were at liberty to purchase novelties, stationery, coat-of-arms, etc., from the three former jewelers; that the other two jewelers were to be allowed to dispose of any pins they had in stock; and that J. F. Newman would allow each girl to exchange her pin originally purchased at full value for a more expensive pin, whenever she wished to do so.

After R. J. Roehm & Co. ceased operations, the Council recommended the following, according to an announcement in the January 1920 issue of The Lyre:

Chapters should remember that the following firms have been granted the privilege of being official jewelers to the Alpha Chi Omega fraternity by the National Convention: J. F. Newman for badges, pledge pins, novelties, and stationery.

 Wright-Kay Company for novelties and stationery. Burr-Patterson Company for novelties.

L. G. Balfour Company for novelties and stationery. No other firms have the privilege of using our copyrighted coat-of-arms on novelties or on stationery.

Please note that the J. F. Newman firm is the sole jeweler for badges and pledge pins, and that the L.G. Balfour Company has promised to give special attention to stationery orders.

And soon there was dissatisfaction with services provided—regarding deliveries and workmanship—with the badge.

And although progress was made on the part of J. F. Newman, according to Mary Emma Griffith Marshall,

Custodian of the Badge, the Fraternity was “besieged by letters for the privilege of supplying our official badge from jewelers of many varieties.”

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