Extending to Other Institutions

Extending to Other Institutions

The matter of extension was definitely considered early on,

Extending to Other Institutions and provision was made in the Constitution for the establishment of sister chapters.

It was specified that the first three chapters were to be established by the consent of Alpha chapter after which time a two-thirds vote of the chapters would be required in order to grant a charter.

The minutes of December 5, 1885, contain the first recorded reference to the establishment of additional chapters:

The President next directed Miss Grooms, the Corresponding Secretary,

to bring before the next meeting the letter she had been directed to write to a young lady in Kansas in regard to the starting of a Sister Chapter

…. Although there must have been informal discussion about where,

when and how to establish additional chapters during those formative early months, the next recorded action appears in the April 23, 1887, minutes:

The business for the evening was to… hear the report from Mr. La Rash of Northwestern University who is willing

Extending to Other Institutions to help us form a chapter and who has sent us the names of several young lady music students there.

Minutes of meetings prior to May 6, 1887, show that correspondence had been carried on for some time with students at Albion College relative to the establishment there of a chapter.

Minutes of the May 6, 1887, meeting refer to “a letter read from Albion, Mich., saying they were ready for us to organize a chapter there, having five charter members waiting.”

On May 13, 1887, it was decided “Miss Jones and Miss Allen visit Albion on Thursday, May 26, 1887.”

Throughout the spring of 1887, much time and discussion were devoted to the creation of a charter and how one should be granted or withdrawn.

It was determined that withdrawal of a charter would require two-thirds vote of all the chapters.

An additional decision was made limiting the number of charter members to no more than seven members.  

From that time forward, the two chapters worked together on extension. Beta reopened the correspondence with the director of the Conservatory of Music at Northwestern University.

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