opening the door

opening the door

By the summer of 1910, Alpha Chi Omega had chartered sixteen collegiate chapters.

Most had the use of some kind of physical facility—leased house, suite in a college-owned building, or a meeting room provided by the college.

Things began to change in October 1895, when Beta chapter, Albion College, completed its new five-room brick lodge.

Located on the campus of Albion College, on ground owned by the college and leased to the chapter for a long period of years,

“the little brick lodge was built so substantially that the passing of time seems not to have left its marks and the exterior appears unchanged.”

Jennie Worthington provided this background information about the building of the Beta lodge in the 1910 issue of The Lyre.

True Alpha Chis are always ambitious, and so as the years passed,

we felt that our quarters under the eaves were inadequate and so dreamed dreams of a lodge.

I was one of a committee who, with fear and trembling, waited upon the Board of Trustees to ask for a site on the campus and permission to build.

And how our hearts lightened when one of them said, ‘If it were boys I don’t know as I would vote for it, but girls always come out all right.

They will give teas and suppers and earn the money some way.’

opening the door And at the most important step in Beta’s history, two other men earned the undying remembrance of Beta.

One, Mr. Allen, the father of our beloved Grand President, and the other, Mr. Otis Leonard, whose wife,

a most loyal Alpha Chi, is the daughter of our sainted Dr. Fiske, who was President of the College when the chapter was founded.

Mr. Allen very generously secured us all of the money we needed to build with, without interest,

opening the door and with permission to pay it off in as small or large sums as we could, and at any time we pleased.

He watched the building with a great deal of interest,

and when we mourned because we could not afford a mirror over the mantle in the reception hall, he smiled and counseled economy.

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