Small grants make big impact

Small grants make big impact

Small grants make big impact had a good job as an electrical engineer.

When the factory closed, he either needed to move away from his home or create his own job.

In much of Jordan, 30 per cent of men under the age of 30 per are unemployed.

Al-Roussan, 27, decided to start a café next to Umm Qais’ archaeological museum.

The ALHara AlFouqa Cafe serves traditional Jordanian breakfast and lunch items, plus espresso, Turkish coffee and other hot and cold drinks.

Small grants make big impact A $3,900 (US) grant from MEDA allowed him to cover an open side of the building.

This allows him to operate during rainy and cooler seasons.

The money also helped with the cost of a point of sale system and tools for the kitchen.

The business operates from 9 a.m. until midnight, seven days a week.

Al-Roussan contributed 30 per cent of the cost of recent improvements.

He says MEDA’s help moved his business ahead by six to 10 months.

The business has one other employee, who also runs a souvenir shop adjacent to the café.

Future goals include getting more tables and chairs so he Small grants make big impact can hold special events at the site.

He has hosted one birthday party but lost out on hosting a wedding because he didn’t have all the needed equipment.

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