A Birthday

A Birthday

In the 27 years since we started Latitudes & Attitudes, we have been lucky enough to go on quite a few “working vacations.”

These usually consist of gathering a bunch of our readers on a bunch of boats and sailing in some very kewl places.

The first one, almost 22 years ago, was with six boats sailing the Îles Sous-leVent area of the Society Islands: Raiatea, Taha’a, Huahine, and, our favorite, Bora Bora.

Since then, we’ve sailed a few times in Greece, the Grenadines, New Zealand, Australia, Croatia, the Pacific Northwest, and, of course, the British Virgin Islands numerous times.

Over the years, we have showed hundreds of people what the cruising life is all about. It was fun, but it wasn’t a vacation as much as it was, as they say, “herding cats.”

You know, overseeing a group of boats on our Share The Sail, making sure the boats were provisioned, and arranging for events, parties, and meals ashore. Oh don’t get me wrong, we loved what we were doing, but we were always “doing.”

And, somehow, I have been able to do my 60th, 70th, and 75th birthdays in the British Virgin Islands,

where I know so many great people it almost feels like our second home. But, it was always while herding cats.

Okay, so much for the backstory. Let’s get on with it. This year for my 76th, my friend, Raul Bermudez, who runs MarineMax,

A Birthday asked me why I’d never done a story about cruising on a power cat. My answer was pretty simple: I had never cruised on a power cat.

 He’d heard my birthday was coming up (his is the same day!), so at the Annapolis International Boat Show he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: If I came to Nanny Cay, Tortola, for my birthday, he’d have a power cat waiting for me. “Kewl,” I thought.

“A real vacation!” I contacted Jeff and Debbie Kolod, two friends that have sailed with us on a number of our Share The Sail events—and who usually end up being my co-captains as I tend to spend a lot of time working with other boats—and asked them if they wanted to come along. They did, and had a couple neighbors, Ed and Sherry Cieleszko, who joined us as well.

 A Birthday When we arrived at MarineMax base we were met by Fayola. Then Akeema showed us the boat, an Aquila 443 named Fawasome.

We had a lot of fun figuring out what the name meant. I will leave it to you and your imagination to figure out what we came up with! The boat was impressive. After about a half-hour checkout, we kicked the tires and lit the fires.

I really enjoyed pulling out from the slip, where we had to spin the boat in its own length to get out. With the twin screws, it was easy!

For more information: ฮานอยพัฒนา

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