I Believe Cruisers Are Bums!

I Believe Cruisers Are Bums!

I believe that cruisers are bums . . . in the absolute best sense of the word! We are all transients, without any perceivable roots in any particular location on Earth.

Cruisers, and most long-term travelers, get to see a distinctly unique view of the world. We are effectively homeless. We are wanderers.

We are vagabonds. We are bums! We move when the wind is right, and stop at any place that looks pretty. How can we do this, you ask?

Are we anti-social, or outcasts, running from something in our past? In some cases, that is absolutely true.

How can we survive with no community or stability? Well, stability in cruisers is a rare trait.

We are all fairly unstable by most traditional definitions. But, as for a sense of community, we’ve got that in spades!

We have been living aboard our Maxim 380 for a couple of years now, and traveled a few thousand miles from the southern US to and through the eastern Caribbean.

Many have traveled further, and to more exotic locations, but that isn’t what we set out to experience.

After working for international companies for many years, and traveling almost 50% of my time, I was done!

 I had missed so much of my kids growing up, and my wife had told me that the new normal was when I was gone. Somehow,

I had gotten to where my presence somehow disrupted their “normal” existence.

This was unacceptable! Debating whether this life was worth continuing or not, I made a decision.

To quote one of my favorite South Park characters: “Screw you guys . . . I’m goin’ home!” There was nothing left to do but buy a boat, sell everything that wasn’t needed (including the house), and run to the ocean.

So, we did, and immediately sat for months, repairing the boat, reconsidering our decision, secondguessing everything, and generally freaking out.

Yep, cruising is awesome . . . After getting acquainted with our new reality, we realized that this decision was one of the best we could have made for our family.

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