Agroup show featuring four artists living in different

parts of the globe and working in diverse disciplines define Structured, on view through December at Site131.

About the show, gallerist and curator Joan Davidow says, “I began with the idea of presenting an exhibition of more representational artwork.

STRUCTURE Zsofia Schweger was the first artist selected.

Her cubist environments, ‘architectural orderliness’ in muted tones, sets an engaging stage.

Then Richard Tuschman’s reinvented interiors added figures to the conversation.”

Schweger, who grew up in Hungary, first studied abroad in the US when she was 16.

“Living away from my native country has been a significant influence on all of my adult life,” she says. Distinguished by her application of paint in a reductive and flat manner,

Schweger says her work, hints at a sense of alienation, “In my Sandorfalva, Hungary paintings, I painted the domestic interiors of my childhood home.”

 Her family still owns the house but doesn’t visit much since relocating to London.

“Most of our old furniture and belongings are still in place there. For now, the house looks frozen in time.

In these paintings, I was interested in depicting a home where I didn’t belong anymore.”

A feeling of finally being settled prompted Schweger to begin engaging with other types of interior spaces,

STRUCTURE including two Library paintings found in Structured. She’s drawn to libraries for their systems and order,

“and the infinite quietness we associate with them, as well as their basic function of supporting one’s learning

and the general cultivation of thought, especially in a political climate where fact-based expertise might be less valued.”

The artist developed a painterly language she says works well with libraries, “which are not only typically quiet

and still but have an air of permanence. And permanence is certainly something I value after a decade of moving often.”

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