It’s lights. It’s costumes and concept.

And it’s all-consuming allure. In short, it’s the magic of theater—and while this is a fascination to which almost

any adult readily succumbs, it’s also one of the more formative experiences that shape a child’s imagination.

Thus, Dallas Children’s Theater (DCT) is an extraordinary venue that provides top-tier talent for multiple generations.

To quote audience members, “It’s real theater.” PLAYFUL COMPANIONS

And soon it will also enjoy the addition of a convivial work by Christian Moeller, a noted German artist currently based in Los Angeles.

When contacted regarding the project, Moeller stated, “I have never had the opportunity to work in the context of a children’s theater, so it was a true pleasure to develop this concept.”

He added, “The resulting proposal was two sculptural figures—friendly,

playful companions [to be installed] on the grounds of a wonderful performance environment dedicated to nurturing the creativity of our children.”

The artist fully understands the importance of enhancing the grounds of the DCT,

and he has proven himself to be remarkably adept at constructing precisely the kind of structure that, like the theater, works on multiple levels.

Moeller’s work, Duet, is a bright red biomorphic piece that features a mother-and-child motif that, for many, takes on the characteristics of giraffes.

For others, the shapes are said to intimate the contour of snails; in either case, the pieces gently sway to create a feeling of familial nuzzling.

The work is literally—and figuratively—moving, but it comes with a price tag that is hardly insignificant.

Co-founder of the theater, Robyn Flatt, notes, “We started with only $500 in seed money in 1984, so we’re used to challenges. And this is another one.

The cost of Duet comes to $500 thousand when installation and maintenance are included.”

This is daunting for any nonprofit, especially one that travels the globe to perform in places as distant as Shanghai.

If that isn’t impressive enough, DCT also distributes thousands of gratis tickets to disadvantaged youth.

Add to all of this the organization’s many educative endeavors and the laudable achievement of giving 30,000

(and counting) children the momentous experience of being onstage,

PLAYFUL COMPANIONS and it’s nothing short of miraculous that the enterprise is not only surviving but thriving.

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