Robyn Siegel grew up surrounded by art.

She followed (and partners with) her mother Cindy Schwartz as an art advisor.

Both mother and daughter’s family homes feature museum-worthy collections teeming with the work of significant modern and emerging artists.

Robyn has fond memories of going to the Dallas Museum of Art with her docent mother, and admiring the art at NorthPark Center.

She has an emotional attachment to her paintings admired much like her pets.

In fact, many of the paintings in the collection feature animals—cats, dogs, chickens, bulls, and plentiful birds— in conceptual and abstract ways.

When asked what her favorite painting is, she responded, “That’s like asking which is my favorite dog.” The Siegels have three lap-loving small dogs.

Rather than opting for a modern home to house their growing art collection and family (a baby girl has just arrived),

MODERN MOVE Robyn and husband Michael Siegel fell in love with a classic home built in 1925.

The stately Georgian, by architect Bertram Hill, sits high on a lot in East Dallas commanding attention on the corner.

It is an unlikely, yet perfect, spot for an important, growing, modern art collection—the natural light and large walls lend themselves to oversized paintings within their collection.

Michael didn’t grow up in an art house as Robyn did, but has become an eager partner in the appreciation and acquisition.

Canada Gallery in New York is among their favorite galleries as is James Cope’s And Now. Says Michael,

“There is a timelessness about the house—like modern art—that is symbiotic.”

Upon entering, you are immediately struck by the graceful lines and perfect proportions of the grand rooms.

Wide-paned windows bathe the rooms in natural light during the day, providing perfect illumination for the paintings.

The scale of rooms gives ample space for dramatic colorful works of art.

MODERN MOVE Rooms flow into each other as if inviting you to move around, sit and chat,

and enjoy each space and the visual delight you find there. It’s a wonderful home for entertaining.

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