The Northern Cape

The Northern Cape

In terms of area, the Northern Cape is more than 20 times the size of Gauteng – South Africa’s most populous province.

It’s population of just over 1 million people is however less than 10 percent of Gauteng’s.

Almost a quarter of those in the Northern Cape live in the provincial capital, Kimberley, while the rest are spread out in a number of small, out-of-the-way towns and villages.

It is no surprise then, that job creation, access to education and infrastructure development are major challenges.

But the provincial government is steadily improving the standard of living in the Northern Cape. Improving access to education During his inauguration speech last year,

Premier Dr Zamani Saul highlighted his commitment towards finding training opportunities for youth.

The following day, Premier Saul took it upon himself to lead a group of volunteers and government officials straight to the doors of unemployed matric graduates.

“I made a commitment to the unemployed youth of Lerato

Park that we will identify those that did Grade 12

to enrol them in different vocational and artisanal training programmes.

I led a group of volunteers and all Kimberley-based senior managers in government from door to door to seek and find unemployed matriculants,” explained the Premier.

A total of 400 young people were identified, and 90 commenced with training at technical

and vocational education and training colleges in July 2019. Plans are in place to extend the initiative to other areas of the province.

“We will roll out the programme to all other districts in the province.

This demonstrates our commitment to find workable and practical solutions to resolve our people’s problems.”

 Premier Saul has voiced concern about the poor education outcomes in the province.

“The common denominator to unemployment and poverty is lack of or inadequate education.

That means if we turn around the situation in the education profile of our youth, we will be on the right track towards addressing both unemployment and poverty.”

To address these challenges, the Northern Cape Human Resource Development Council was established to focus on enhancing early childhood development, primary and secondary education and skills training.

The establishment of the Sol Plaatje University – the first university to be opened in South Africa since the dawn of democracy – has also been a major milestone for the province.

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