City shelters assist

City shelters assist

Kids play hide and seek as their mothers do laundry,

men offl oad their belongings from hired cars – acts which seem ordinary but the setting, DH Williams Community Hall, dispels notions of normality.

The community hall is one of two which has been turned into makeshift accommodation for over 850 displaced people from Mandela Informal Settlement and Nhlapo Section in Katlehong.

These are among the areas that were hit by attacks on foreign nationals in Katlehong, Ekurhuleni.

The second displacement centre is Tsholo Community Hall City shelters assist.

 In the wake of the unrest and violence, the City of Ekurhuleni swiftly set up a Joint Operation Centre (JOC) to provide shelter for displaced people who had to abandon their homes in search of safety.

“We have accommodated different people. Here at DH Williams, the people are predominantly from Mozambique.

Home Affairs is on site to assist with documentation,” said the spokesperson for Ekurhuleni Emergency and Disaster Services, William Ntladi.

While the number of foreign nationals fluctuates with others finding alternative accommodation, City shelters assist

the Metro noted that 588 adults and 227 children were housed at DH Williams and Tsholo Hall.

Various City departments are providing assistance such as waste removal, electricity supply and additional ablution facilities.

The City is also providing standby mobile power generators, Metro Police patrols and escorts for transport of the affected persons and delivery of their necessities.

Through the JOC, foreign nationals are provided with humanitarian assistance.

Processing of important documents possibly lost during the attacks, such as passports and birth certificates, is being facilitated by Home Affairs at the sites.

Medical services are also provided by the Health Department with the assistance of various non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to those in need.

Doctors without Borders, Red Cross, local NGOs, churches

and ordinary members of the community can be seen at the community halls offering assistance to displaced persons.

“Mostly we have been trying to support the efforts of local disaster management and local services to assist displaced people.

So far, we have provided care to about 20 individuals at Tsholo Hall.

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