Energy Minister Jeff Radebe, the longestserving Cabinet Minister in the South African government,

has shared with PSM some of the lessons he learned from former President Nelson Mandela.

Minister Radebe served as the first Minister of Public Works in the democratic South Africa,

working alongside Madiba to give life to his vision of a better country for all.

Mandela, South Africa’s fi rst black President, should be remembered as a leader who did everything with passion, said Minister Radebe.

One of the things that Minister Radebe learnt from him was that to be a leader of the people you must have passion for the resolution of their challenges.

He also taught him that enemies could be won over.

“I learnt from him that I must look at the common good of the country, particularly its future.

President Mandela exemplifi ed this through his continued work in championing the welfare of children even beyond his retirement,” said Minister Radebe.

He said the ideals of a non-racial society were upheld through all

Longest-serving the years of President Mandela’s struggle for freedom and democracy.

Minister Radebe added that from this he learnt that belief in our new nation must not waver

and that we must all strive to triumph over the devastations of our past

One important fact is that Tata Madiba and most of his generation were released from prison very late in their lives.

Consequently, they could not finish their historic mission to liberate and transform the socio-economic conditions of the people.

Minister Radebe said if it was possible for those leaders who are no longer with us today to look down on South Africa,

“they would expect us to continue on the trajectory of the historic mission of the African National Congress,

the Freedom Charter and the promise of our Constitution to usher

Longest-serving in a non-racial, non-sexist, democratic, equal and prosperous society.

“Ultimately, we owe it not only to Madiba and his generation, but equally and importantly to ourselves, our children and all posterity.

The best tribute to Madiba is carving our own individual and collective walks to freedom through

Longest-serving effecting a radical socioeconomic transformation of society,” said Minister Radebe.

He added it was an honour not only to be appointed by the iconic leader that President Mandela was,

but also to serve citizens in such historic times, when the journey of reversing the legacy of apartheid and colonialism was just beginning.

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