Celebrating Heritage Month

Celebrating Heritage Month

This month we celebrate the wonderful blanket of cultures that knits together our country.

Heritage Month is a time to reflect on the values and traditions

that shape each of us and how we have created one country despite our many different traditions Celebrating Heritage Month.

That we are able to celebrate our differences as one people comes from the strength of the fabric that binds us.

The heritage we celebrate contributes to our sense of place, community and personal identity.

It informs who we are and where we place ourselves in our national identity.

Heritage gives us personal identity, but taken together the patchwork of traditions

and shared experiences, celebrates the nation we are building on this ancient continent.

Celebrating Heritage Month that we developed a single identity from our many customs and traditions.

The birth of our Constitution, let us not forget that this year we celebrate 20 years

of its existence, came out of the understanding that ours is a nation rich with voices from many cultures.

The idea that we are all part of one community – so beautifully encapsulated in the term Ubuntu – has allowed us to grow into a nation.

Looking back on our history, on our struggle for democracy, we are aware of sacrifices made, and of the hard work of so many unnamed people.

We are also aware of how narrowly we avoided the bloodshed that is so part of other histories,

because we all understood that we are stronger together than apart.

A sense of community It is fitting that I mention the Constitution this month when we also celebrate the work of public sector employees.

We in the public sector have a part to play in shaping an African nation inspired by an African sense of community.

Before we are public sector employees we are African and we must be mindful of our culture, values and traditions.

We are fortunate to live in a state of peace, where children can grow up dreaming of being pilots, doctors, carpenters and artists.

We live under the guidance and protection of a Constitution that allows parents to strive without fear to make their children’s lives matter.

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