Works Programme responds

Works Programme responds

Given the country’s stubbornly high unemployment rate,

the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) continues to play a role in alleviating poverty

Works Programme responds by providing work and training opportunities for poor and unskilled South Africans.

Since 2014 the EPWP, which is in its third phase, has created 2 343 147 work opportunities throughout the country.

In the first year of EPWP Phase 3 (2014/15), the programme created 1 103 983 EPWP work opportunities;741 540 work

opportunities were created in 2015/16; and 497 624 by the third quarter of 2016/17.

Most of those who benefit from these opportunities are community members who otherwise would not have had

any chance of entering the formal world of work because they are unskilled and/or have never worked before.

Think about the people who fell by the wayside as you progressed from Grade R to Grade 12 and later tertiary level.

Where did those people end up? Many of them end up in the temporary employ of the EPWP, where they gain the skills needed to enter the formal job market.

Programme has developmental task Once in the EPWP,

participants receive training in various things such as gardening, security, community care giving, firefighting, or learn to be basic pharmacy assistants or artisans.

 We have many good stories in the EPWP where a participant enters the programme as a cleaner, gardener or working as a volunteer caregiver and eventually becomes a skilled

Works Programme responds and qualified artisan, fire fighter and even a small businesses owner who provides jobs to our people.

The EPWP plays an important role in development in the betterment of the lives of our people.

This developmental role relates to the community assets and services delivered through the programme Assets delivered include dams, roads, community recreational facilities, schools

and hospitals that are constructed and maintained using the EPWP’s labour intensive methods.

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