Discover the magic

Discover the magic of Norway

Discover Norway, formerly Norske Bygdeopplevelser,

caters to outdoor enthusiasts who thrive in nature by foot, on a bike or on skis.

What makes Discover Norway so unique is the fact that their tours are mostly self-guided,

but all logistics are handled by an experienced team in Lillehammer.

Despite the fact that the travel style appeals to independent travellers, the accommodation and the meals you enjoy are of a very high standard.

The dinners are typically two or three-course meals and the hotels,

mountain lodges and fisherman’s huts are run by hosts who care about every visitor and go to great lengths to give you a great experience.

Biking tours

While the steep hills may not take your breath away, the spectacular beauty of nature will.

Discover Norway offers biking trips in the north of Norway as well as along the fjords.

In the northern part, you can experience Lofoten, Helgelandskysten and Norway’s second-largest island of Senja.

Along the fjords,

Hardanger and Sunnhordland are must-sees, Discover the magic starting and ending in Bergen.

The self-guided bicycle tours include accommodation, Discover the magic food and luggage transfer.

Experience northern Norway, daylight 24/7 and biking under the midnight sun.

One of the most popular and scenic bike trips is the eight-day adventure on Norway’s second-largest island, Discover the magic

which is arguably also one of the most beautiful.

The views and nature vary, as do the places you stay, but they all have in common great quality with regards to both the culinary side and the comfort.

Each leg leaves opportunities to discover the natural treasures along the route, and the trip starts and ends in Tromsø.

Hiking in the Norwegian mountains

Another mode of taking in the great outdoors is by foot.

Discover Norway organises several different ways of hiking with luggage transport, Discover the magic

so you are able to enjoy the outdoors without lugging heavy backpacks and, if you want, without guides.

The hiking trips take place in many different parts of Norway, including the Pilgrim trail across Dovrefjell, Discover the magic

Jotunheimen and Rondane National Parks, the Lofoten Isles and Senja – all available with or without a tour guide.

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