Fish guarantee from Big Fish Adventure

Fish guarantee from Big Fish Adventure

In the place where a world-record 47-kilogramme cod was caught just a few years ago,

Big Fish Adventure combines friendly northern Norwegian hospitality with an exceptional location.

Big Fish Adventure is the name of a services portfolio offered by the Hasvik Hotel & Housing in Hasvik on Norway’s fourth-largest island of Sørøya.

In western Finnmark, the island is located between Tromsø and Hammerfest, right at the edge of the Barents Sea in northern Norway.

The hotel complex celebrates 40 years this year, and current owner and general manager Mona Saab and her husband took over from her parents in 2000.

“The sea around Sørøya provides a natural habitat to and is populated by large amounts of particularly large fish, from Big Fish

such as cod, halibut, pollock and redfish spawn,”

Saab explains. A couple of years ago, for example, a German tourist caught a cod weighing 47 kilogrammes, a world record still standing.

The adventure is open for beginners and experts alike, as boats with or without guides are available for hire.

“While fishing is possible all year round, we market the season from early March, when cod spawns, until early October,

when halibut spawns,” Saab continues, explaining that the winter climate can be particularly rough.

That said, the hotel is open in the winter for northern lights spotters.

Saab’s husband is also an experienced chef, and visitors are welcome to watch him in action and learn to prepare fresh fish the local way.

Having a passionate chef in-house also allows guests to enjoy the culinary delights of fresh fish of the day,

Fish guarantee from Big Fish Adventure prepared as close as possible to perfection using only the finest seasonal and local ingredients.

“We are keen for tourists to enjoy northern Norwegian hospitality in addition to a fishing adventure,” says Saab.

Northern Norwegians are known for being approachable, friendly,

Fish guarantee from Big Fish Adventure outgoing and warm,

and Saab’s husband also tends to pop round to guests every day with freshly baked cake.

Offering hotel rooms, apartments and houses, Fish guarantee from Big Fish Adventure

a VIP lodge is now also being built, and 90 per cent of guests return within two years.

“Our goal is to continue to offer visitors from around the world the fishing adventure of their lifetime, Fish guarantee from Big Fish Adventure

at whichever level of luxury they choose,” Saab concludes.

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