From Wegner to Juhl

From Wegner to Juhl, all under one roof

Design is synonymous with Denmark, and the furniture icons that the country’s designers have produced can be found worldwide.

Getting your hands on the originals can be difficult,

but at Møbelhuset 2 in Tønder you can find the famous pieces all under one roof.

In the centre of the historic Danish city of Tønder, situated only three kilometres from the German border, you will find Møbelhuset 2.

This family-run furniture shop is situated on the main shopping street in three old buildings, spanning 5,000 square metres.

Just three houses down, the Tønder-born Hans Wegner learned carpentry and built his first chairs.

“What’s fantastic about the furniture we sell is the handicraft, skill and thought behind it.

It’s also made out of incredible materials and always has an intriguing story behind it,”

From Wegner to Juhl says Bo Jacobsen who,

alongside his brother Anders, is the third generation to manage the shop.

The brothers run the shop alongside qualified staff who are all experts and can help with the interior design of your next home or room.

Most of their suppliers can even modify furniture or custom-build it to ensure the perfect fit. If you live outside Denmark,

Møbelhuset 2 arranges for the furniture to be shipped worldwide.

Boasting the world’s largest Wegner collection,

a huge range of Fritz Hansen chairs and the world-renowned Finn Juhl range, From Wegner to Juhl

Møbelhuset 2 has everything you could possibly desire within Danish and Scandinavian design.

The functionalistic design tradition of these designers means that the furniture is not only astounding, but also useful.

“There’s a reason why Danish furniture and design is as famous as it is.

It’s the high-quality and intricate design behind it that makes it exceptional both now and in the future,” Jacobsen sums up.

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