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Explore the world of food in the heart of Copenhagen

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, the food folk high school Suhrs Højskole attracts foodies from all over Denmark and abroad.

With a mix of boarding and day students, the school has a unique connection to the capital and its famous food scene.

With four main subjects – gastro, food trends,

movement and nutrition, and green transition and sustainability – there are multiple ways to explore an interest in food at Suhrs Højskole.

All courses include workshops with some of Copenhagen’s best chefs, a study trip to Italy, and plenty of hands-on experience.

But it is not just the high level and distinct food focus that distinguishes Suhrs Højskole.

The school’s small size and past as a school of home economics also affect the experience students get.

“The fact that we’re just 50 students means that everybody gets to know each other really well, and everyone gets seen,” Explore the world

says principal Lars SonneHansen.

“At the same time, we have a distinct culture based on our long his-tory.

Our past as a school of home economics means that for us,

resource responsibility is not just a trend; it’s part of our DNA.” Explore the world

While 30 of Suhrs Højskole’s 50 students live at the school, the rest live separately in Copenhagen.

One of the results of this is that all students become naturally integrated into the city and its famous food scene,

which is also explored via many out-of-house events and visits.

Another effect of the untraditional set-up is that the school attracts a wide variety of students, including young expats.

And though the school is small – and classes are taught in Danish – there is room for everyone.

“We really value diversity of students and opinions, not just between the students but between students and teachers too,” stresses Sonne-Hansen.

“We use students’ different approaches and opinions as a dynamic force in our classes.

You don’t have to agree with us on everything to be a student here.” Explore the world

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