Persian rugs

Persian rugs for modern Nordic homes

Sense of Style has gone from importing and selling

Persian rugs to becoming a reliable supplier of complete interior design solutions for Norwegian offices and homes.

The underlying passion for quality rugs is far from gone,

but the assortment now includes everything you need to make the traditional textiles merge with your own style.

“I’ve always wanted to work with the whole package – both Persian rugs and the modern design elements surrounding them,”

says Sense of Style owner Ramin Iranpour. In the beginning, however, that was not the case.

“In 1997, I quit my job in sports to open the rug shop Persia Interiør.

There wasn’t much information available for Norwegians at the time, but for me it was a hobby.

I had fallen in love with the art, history and tradition and saw a business opportunity,” Iranpour explains.

Since then, Persia Interiør has changed its name to Sense of Style and grown to meet Norway’s diverse customer demands.

While most rug retailers focus solely on traditional textiles,

Sense of Style offers European design furniture, sun blinds, lighting and – perhaps most importantly – consulting.

“We visit homes and offices to find out which rug will suit your style and space. In people’s homes, we try to find something personal.

Having a large selection of furniture is essential in that process.

Offices, on the other hand, face stricter regulations, mixed uses and daily wear and tear. Persian rugs

Lighting is super important no matter what,” argues Iranpour.

His pure passion for rugs is still the very foundation of the business.

He regularly travels to the Middle East, where thousands of unknowing Norwegians have been ripped off, on a quest for quality.

“The end product should always have a story. Persian rugs

I’ve found most of the rugs in Iran, but some were bought in India,

Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. I love to pick them out myself,” he says.

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