The Pure way to restyle your home

The Pure way to restyle your home

Changing the style of your home does not need to be something you only do once in a decade.

With simple, stylish additions of striking colours,

different materials and eye-catching details, The Pure way

you can create a completely new look and feel without replacing or spending a great deal.

Lone Christensen Tannebæk from Pure Culture talks to Scan Magazine about

how to shake things up with the Danish design company’s Spring/Summer collection.

A sharply shaped marble tray adding a stylishly romantic feel to your table top; a delicate white vase that, The Pure way to restyle your home

with a handmade flower protruding from its front,

conveys a pure yet detailed elegance; softly shaped bamboo vases in a striking range of colours to match all moods and seasons

Pure Culture’s new collection combines stylish Scandinavian designs with a bit of inventive bravery and distinct colours.

“First of all, our collection consists of things that we would like to put in our own homes – if we wouldn’t want it for ourselves,

we don’t include it,” says Lone Christensen Tannebæk who is, The Pure way

together with Jette Carlsen, a partner at Pure Culture.

They have run the firm with director Bjarne Carlsen since 2011.

“It also has to be pure with a twist,” Tannebæk continues. “It’s important that it’s something that works with a Nordic style,

but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s Nordic – we also draw on special stories, materials and expressions.

Our customers don’t want to buy just one style; they want to be able to mix it to create their own, The Pure way to restyle your home

and that’s why we take a bit of everything: something Nordic, something exotic and something colourful.”

Through this approach, Pure Culture has, thanks to a small dedicated team,

built a strong design profile and a loyal network of vendors all over Scandinavia. Soon, the brand is set to expand further into Europe.

For more information: ฮานอยสามัคคี

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