Hot blend of rock

Hot blend of rock ‘n’ roll and girl power

The Glass Factory is an interactive glass museum located in the middle of the Kingdom of Crystal in southern Sweden.

Moreover, it is an energetic knowledge hub and a creative meeting place for international artists, designers and visitors alike.

The Swedish glass scene is changing, with new blood and heaps of energy. In 2009,

Emmaboda municipality bought glass collections from renowned Boda,

Kosta and Åfors glassworks, and created one of the biggest glass museums in Scandinavia Hot blend of rock

with around 4,000 square metres of exhibition space attracting over 50,000 visitors per year.

“We work a bit differently, as we think it’s important to be brave and actually do things,”

says museum director Maja Heuer, who has been part of the initiative since the beginning.

“This is a young and dynamic environment, very much rock ‘n’ roll! Lots of famous and up-andcoming artists from all over the world take part, so there’s always something happening here.”

Fluorescent glass and passionate glassblowers

There is no doubt that visitors at the museum get to see a great deal more than just vases.

The Glass Factory has spectacular glass shows, Hot blend of rock

a scientific glass lab and a special glass factory for children, a whole basement with a complete collection from the glassworks and,

last but not least, live glassblowing at Glashyttan studio, the beating heart of the centre.

The Glass Factory is currently working with Swedish artists such as Åsa Jungnelius, Peter Hermansson, Olle Brozén,

Tillie Burden and Fredrik Nielsen. Among the popular events on the programme of activities is the annual exhibition of final exam works by students at Konstfack

(University College of Arts, Crafts and Design) and Riksglasskolan (National School of Glass), open from 11 June to 28 August.

And Johansfors Revisited, from 18 June to 4 September, is worth seeing for its unique collection of pieces from Johansfors glassworks.

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