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A new view of science in Trondheim

As the Norwegian capital of science, boasting highly regarded science institutions and the Norwegian University for Science and Technology,

Trondheim is perhaps the most suitable travel destination for young and old Einsteins.

Amping up the range of immersive science experiences by investing in Norway’s first and only 3D multimedia theatre and planetarium,

Vitensenteret in Trondheim (Trondheim Science Center)

looks to a future where a wider scope – and view – of science is accessible to all.

Imagine taking a seat in a dome that offers a 360-degree view of the greater world and the space around it – from the moon,

by a swift trip around the asteroid belt, through the orbit of Jupiter to the outer limitations of the world.

Instead of watching the screen, you are part of it.

Instead of observing facts, you are immersed in them.

The result? An incredible experience and learning opportunity, A new view

according to Martin Kulhawczuk, Head of Education at Vitensenteret in Trondheim.

“It’s absolutely spectacular being part of such a high-tech representation of science.

The experience is truly immersive; there are no real restrictions to what you can learn about and be part of, A new view

especially not since everything happens in 3D,” he says enthusiastically.

Aiming to entertain and enlighten locals and tourists (76,000 of whom already visit the centre yearly)

with the theatre in the coming years, Vitensenteret’s staff are positive about the impacts the construction will have on both young and older minds.

Beyond offering a sublime platform to learn and engage with knowledge in a fun,

new way while at school age, the theatre poses exciting prospects for businesses and students.

“Businesses who want to host conferences and courses at the multimedia theatre will have a splendid opportunity to engage their employees in an innovative way,

whereas students may be able to use it for visual research,” says Kulhawczuk.

Yet, the centre’s main target audience will always be young scientists, curious about the world they inhabit.

Focusing time and resources on making science accessible and commonplace for kids of all ages, is what matters, Kulhawczuk believes.

“Children need to be able to engage in the material, to feel as close to it as possible.

That’s why we always bring in interactive exhibits,”

he says, adding that he hopes to be able to present a MakerSpace workshop at the centre in the near future.

“It’s an arena for creative entrepreneurs – I’d love to introduce that.”

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