Clear skies over

Clear skies over the tundra

The only genuine tundra landscape in Finland.

The highest peaks, moulded soft by the Ice Age and covered in pristine powder snow, perfect for sledding,

downhill skiing, hiking and fishing, all year round. Oh, and the best air in Europe (yes, really).

Tundrea in Finnish Lapland is situated in the middle of a pristine pearl of unspoilt nature.

Located by the shores of Lake Kilpisjärvi and the foot of the impressive Saana fell, Clear skies over

Tundrea is a full-service holiday centre catering to families, groups and single travellers alike.

“There is a lot that is unique about this area,” explains CEO Sauli Vanhapiha.

“The tundra biome and the fells, for instance. Our skiing season is longer than elsewhere and lasts until early May.

The conditions are perfect in spring – the sun is really warm but snow is virtually guaranteed.

It’s not unusual to see skiers in bikinis on the slopes!” In the vicinity lies Halti, Finland’s highest peak.

The fells are here to be conquered: in winter by sled, ski or snowshoe – in summer by hiking.

Snowmobile treks and ice fishing are also popular here, with a large ice fishing competition arranged in mid-May.

And for Midsummer in June, there is – incredibly – a cross-country skiing competition.

But summer also brings activities of a more normal variety: there is hang-gliding from the peaks, Clear skies over

fishing in Lake Kilpisjärvi and hiking along multiple trails.

Tundrea is on the Arctic Trail, covering 800 km and three countries.

The beautiful ruska season in autumn,

when the landscape turns a fiery red and yellow, is a popular time for longer hikes.

Tundrea offers several different types of accommodation, including fully-equipped chalets and apartments.

For those looking to fish and hunt, there are also the Luongasloma chalets by the picturesque Muonionjoki River and rapids.

And, should you like to bring your home with you, there is a well-equipped caravan park.

The restaurant serves breakfast and dinner, as well as catering outdoors and takeaway to your rooms.

For groups there are special evenings arranged in Sami huts, with dinner cooked traditionally over an open fire.

For more information: ฮานอยพัฒนา

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